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Laws of Surrender

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Laws of Surrender

Post by Rubin on Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:46 pm

 Laws of Surrender

Main Rules

  1. Follow and abide by the rules. We have them for a reason, and it is to keep the packs in top condition!
  2. No cussing! We want to try and keep PG 13, but if there ever were to be any younger members here, we would like to make a good impression.
  3. Be respectful! So don't go around and start a war about 'who said what' or 'they can't join cause...' CODE: GIVE
  4. Stay active! You need to post at least two posts a week on the site in role play. This is how the pack stays active!
  5. Help others. If someone doesn't understand something or asks a question, point them in the right direction OR tell a Korra/Roma/Ronu and they can help out.
  6. Join in the fun! The pack is full of fun and exciting things; don't be afraid to not have a go! Member's will enjoy it much more if they all have a try!
  7. Follow and read through any other rule/how-to on the website so you understand everything; and don't be afraid to ask!

Site Rules

  1. Try not to double post on the site. If you do double post continuously and have been warned about it, you will receive a strike.
  2. Please don't spam! Spam is STUPID POINTLESS ANNOYING MESSAGES. Try and include 3 words in a post and at least 200 in a role play post. If it is a game that involves a number or a singular letter or one word, that is acceptable.
  3. No pornography of any kind! We won't to remain child friendly!
  4. All members must post in role play at least ONCE or TWICE A WEEK!
  5. HAVE FUN! share things, make friends, show some art, write stories and most importantly... GET INVOLVED! You will enjoy your stay here much more if you do your best in trying to get to events and contests!

These are the main rules for the site and packs. Please read the rules for other things [mates and pups, hunting and fighting etc] to know what is acceptable and unacceptable!

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