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Faiths Fields

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Faiths Fields

Post by Sakura on Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:30 pm

Long lushes grass and overly populated flowers and trees grow in this region. This is the main land in Open Land. Many animals pass through here to get to other territories. To the East is Chishio Mountains and on the other side is the Chishio pack. To the West is the Kumori Mountains and just over the mountains is the Kumori pack.


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Re: Faiths Fields

Post by Dex on Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:47 am

   A large shadow-like figure bolted through the landscape, it was Dex. He often ran around to get from place to place, only walking when something caught his eye ot to take a rest. Soon the large masculine canid slowed his pace, coming to an abrupt stop in this wide open field. Dex let his emerald eyes gaze around, the sun's rays beamed onto his obsidian pelt, warming him on this cool spring day. This land caught his eye for some reason, the wind seemed to whisper in his ear telling him to stay near. Full of confusion, Dex soon swayed onto his broad haunches and rested. with light pants and his tongue lolling out, he looked in all direction not seeing anything or anyone.
  Dex rose his moist ebony nose into the still calm air, his nares only filling with wildflowers, small prey, and the faint scent of; what's this? 'Wolves..?' The word swirled in Dex's mind, "Wolves", something he hasn't scented in a long time. Suddenly he rose his frame, he didn't feel right being in someone's territory. So he decided to let them know of his presence, with a slow rise of his muzzle, his chest began to rumble. The noise soon flowed from his throat and into the air, roaring over the land. The tune was calm and not threatening at all, his vocals produced a charming and smooth song.
  Once the howl ceased, Dex stood up tall and regal. His stance was relaxed and calm, ready to meet whoever lived here or near.

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Re: Faiths Fields

Post by Rubin on Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:41 am

He moved down the mountains slowly. Cautiously. He was still tired from his journey through along the mountains side with his companion, but he knew he had to find this wolf. He needed to know if it was his family.
How could they have left him? They just gave up. They gave up hoping he would return, just as so many. They didn't want to see his face return, handing over the note of failure. He could see his fathers face now. Looking at him in disgust.
Maybe he should return back to the den and await. Maybe they went hunting. But they would have been back by now though. They wouldn't have taken this long to catch a meal.
Rubin trotted slowly through the long grassy fields. His nose caught different scents that he couldn't help but inhale even more. The flowers reminisced in the afternoon sunlight. He saw its beauty and then something different. Something dark.
The scent was unfamiliar. It was definitely not apart of his pack. It was not his family who he had wished so badly to return. The wolf just stood there, in the middle of the field, like he was expecting something.
Rubin stood still, well aware that he was in Open Land. Anything could happen here. And, now that his family had moved on, the land, his home, was unprotected and could be taken. He needed to know if this wold was a threat. More importantly, he needed to return home soon.
He let out a short growly bark. It sounded more like a huff of air and a squeak then anything. Rubin was still in shock of his families disappearance. He let out another growl and bark, louder this time. He needed to know. He needed to be sure. Was he safe?

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Re: Faiths Fields

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