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Log Den

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Log Den

Post by Rubin on Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:41 am

A large hollow log down by a water fall, has been dug out for the Kumori pack. Once inside the log, you can then go down beneath ground into many of the large chambers. The water fall is very quiet around the den and hardly even heard of beneath. This is a very relaxing place to be. The best part is that it never gets flooded


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Re: Log Den

Post by Rubin on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:15 pm

Rubin found it hard. Hard to breath. Hard to see. Hard to sleep.
He was constantly moving. He constantly walked around, hoping to see a difference; wishing to see a change.
'Where is everyone?' he questioned himself.
He had never been alone for more than a week. Though he had travelled. Travelled with his long time companion Sakura. They had attempted to find the Ocean. With no luck after months, they returned to where their packs had once lived. Once. After climbing over Kumori mountains, to return to the Kumori pack, he had realised there was no scent. Nothing. No scent of his fellow companions. It was a mystery as to why they left.
He had managed to return to his pack 7 days earlier than Sakura, after leaving her in Open Lands to walk back to the Chishio pack.
He had thought for so long about what his family would say. His father in general. "Pathetic. I could have found it in a week!" he would say.
That is what he thought at least. His mother, though. She would support him. Tell him of what a great job he had done. His sister, his brother and more importantly, the other members who he called family. They would have howled for his attempt. One that no other wolf had succeeded.
They had either returned early -like him- or not return at all. Either from shame of seeing their pack after their failed attempt, or from death.
But Rubin's case of returning was far worse then he expected it to be. They had left him. He was alone. Alone in this world. That was the worst part. The worst part of being here. The worst part of life.


Finely, a howl. He could hear it. Only slightly. Rubin stood to his feet. He shuffled. He squirmed. Was it his family. He did not know. It surely didn't sound familiar to him. Rubin walked. Out of the den, out of the log that had accompanied him since he was a pup.
Rubin looked up at the cloudy red and pink coloured sky. He could tell it was evening. The scent of hares nearby where more frequent then normal. Hares would usually be returning to the holes in the evening after a long day of grazing in the meadows.
Rubin trotted fast. He moved swiftly. Away from the den. He wanted to find the wolf. He needed to know who it was. He needed to know if it was his family.

-Faith Fields-

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