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Surrender Markets

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Surrender Markets

Post by Rubin on Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:18 am

 Surrender Markets

Deep in the Meadow
Under the willow
A bed of grass
A soft green pillow.

 Welcome Guest to one of Surrenders Markets. The market is a place to find rare and special items. Some items only appear once a year, some may appear every month.
In order for you to purchase any item, you must first fill out the forum below and make sure you have enough coins. If you have more then one character and wish to use some coins from the other character, leave that in the 'Anything Else' area in the forum.

Once you fill out and send in a purchasing forum, you will  then have to wait a day or so before an admin {Korra or Roma} takes your order and sends out the  Warlock with your item.  The warlock will role play as if they are passing through the area so you must role play as if you didn't even know they were coming.... haha
Remember, all members are able to hold up to 8 items. This includes the ones on your character. You can resell items here also or discard them from your inventory. Once you discard them though, they are gone for good!

The Items

Blue Orb: Gives a member the ability to change their wolves gender
Price: 100 C
Yellow Orb: Gives a member the ability to change a wolves appearance
Price: 90 C
Gold Orb: Raises the chance of a member catching a prey for 1 week
Price: 140 C

Helios Wing: Gives members the opportunity to run faster in role play [good for competitions].
Price: 89 C
Sparta's Tooth: Gives member the opportunity to catch prey faster and easier as well as allow members to swim more efficiently.
Price: 123 C
Rarities Birth: Member that is pregnant is more likely to have a healthy litter.
Price: 179 C

Dreamers Necklace: Dream catcher attached to a brown thread.
Price: 71 C
Darwin's Flower: Dark Blue rose that sits nicely in fur
Price: 35 C
Snake Charm: Snake skin pattern on a 2 wraps bracelet
Price: 40 C
Fox Ro: A stream of tightly knit fox fur that sits in members tail
Price: 58 C
Honey Dew Rosa: Honey coloured rose that never dies
Price: 70 C 

More Item's To Come
I want to Buy!
Item/s Name:
Total Price:
Character Name:
I currently hold [number of items]:
Anything Else:

I want to Resell!
Item/s Name:
Total Resell Price: [must be at least 30% off from original]
Character Name:
I currently hold [number of items]:
Anything else: [you can ask to trade it for a wish list item]

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