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More To Know

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More To Know

Post by Sakura on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:55 am

 More To Know

In this forum, you can find out more about Surrender, role playing, additional rules and help as well as some other bits and bobs.

Surrender is a two wolf pack role play. It is semi-realistic and set in a 'MADE UP AREA' of Iceland. There are no humans in this role play [possibly in future for a plot] but there are huge amounts of animals. The Chishio pack is located to the East while to Kumori pack is located to the West and Open Land is in the middle running North to South.
 How is this pack semi-realistic? Well, beside the fact of talking wolves... Members are able to gain coins and purchase items from the Warlock [go to The Shop to learn more]. There are many different items to purchase: Jewellery/fashion, potions, gender swaps even a second and third character.
 Members of the pack my have a total of 3 characters. If you are unable to keep up with all three, then one or two must be 'cut-out of role play'. By that, we mean the wolf/s you choose to stop role playing as must either die through role play [disease, heart condition etc.] or say that they are going to see where the mountains end and leave with their last role play at that.

Role Play

 Surrender has 3 main areas to role play in. The Chishio Pack, Kumori pack and Open Land. Open Land is where members or stray wolves must travel through to get to either pack. Role playing is quite simple, but remember to include at least 200-300+ words in a post. There is a word count on the side of the forum for members to see how many words they actually have in their post.
 If you are traveling to another area to role play in, it is best to put the name of where you are heading in the bottom of your post. So after you write you post, include which forum you will be heading to in the bottom either in brackets, lines or just posted in the middle. This just lets members know where you are heading. Also, this allows people to remember where their wolf was as well as stop people from jumping to different locations without posting about where they're heading.

The Packs

Chishio Pack:
 The Chishio Pack is named after the Chishio mountains that surround the territory. Chishio pack is known for its gorgeous sunsets and long Rain River that runs straight through the middle of the mountains and lands. It is thought the mountains go on forever as no wolf has ever been to either end and returned. It is thought though that the mountains end at the ocean.

Kumori Pack:
 The Kumori Pack is named after the Kumori Mountains, opposite the Chishio mountains. It is known for its lushes fields and meadows full of charming and colourful flora. It has been thought that the lakes water source is supplied through the river from the Chishio pack. Either lake has never run dry. The Kumori mountains have been thought to run forever as no wolf has ever returned from travelling to either side. It is also thought that the mountains end at the ocean.

Contests and Events
Surrender will be full of contests and events suggested by members and some secret ones created by the Korra's. Once either pack has gained a Ronu or Roma then those members will be able to help organise and discuss the contests and events. Surrender hopes to have at least one contest or event every second month.
 The difference between a contest is that it is held for a short period of time and is what members may enter in to win prizes. Not all members must enter and they are usually to do with helping the pack like plot ideas, new areas etc.
 Events are usually held on a specific date, while contests are held randomly for a period of time and can be extended or declined. Events would usually be held over two or three days so members can get in an enjoy the contests held at the event. The contests in the event are usually what have been decided earlier. So a plot idea would be an event but a contest would be held for which idea members want to use.

Members, Friends and Guests
It is always great to gain new members, and guests are always welcome to the site. Guests and Pack friends though are unable to participate in role play. They may join in games and activities as well as jump into the shout box but they may not role play unless they are full members.

Character Profiles, Accounts and Biographies
Once you join the pack, you must sign up with your wolfs name. If you can not sign up because 'the name is taken' then add a number or symbol next to it and when an Admin activates your account, they will change your name.
 Members can have a total of 3 characters but each must have different accounts. It is alright it you role play a few times on another account but please try and swap over to that character to avoid confusion.
 Once you have bought something from a Warlock, you must include that in your items list which can be found as 'Inventory' in your profiles. Include only items that YOU have bought. Members don't start off with any items only a few coins. There are three slots two are for what you are 'holding' [you don't see this in role play] and the other one is for what you are 'wearing'. You can have a total of 10 items and are able to resell items or discard them.
 Biographies must have the "8 Info's" included [Name, Age, Gender, Pack, Rank, Personality, Description, History]. If you are not in a pack yet, then you will either leave the field blank or include which pack you wish to join.
 After members receive a total of 25 trust points, then members must meet with either Rubin, Korra of Kumori pack OR Sakura, Korra of Chishio pack. Each pack has different contests and areas and occasionally plot ideas. Once you choose a pack, you must remain in the packs territory the most but are permitted to leave to travel to Open Land or either pack.

Have a burning question? Feel free to message a Korra or simply comment below.

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