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Mates and Pups

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Mates and Pups

Post by Rubin on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:07 pm

 Mates and Pups
There will soon come that time in a members life that there character through role play will 'fall in love' with another. Before you go all out there and start getting all fancy with your role play, please remember these few things!

  1. TMI, stands for too much information. This means if you decide to have pups, please don't go all out there and describe the situation of birthing and mating etc.
  2. The POOF. Instead of role playing a whole... 'mating scene' so to speak, it is best to just role play some talking and then say POOF and the dead is done.
  3. Don't get upset if you don't get the out come you want from the pup dice! You only get one roll and it is much more fun to see how members can role play different out comes.

The pup dice is located at the bottom of post replies [not in quick reply]. You will need to select the Pup Dice and then type in the beginning of your post. After the dice has been rolled you can continue on. You ONLY need to roll the dice ONCE and it is only used when you are giving birth to your pups.

Afer the 'POOF' scene, you will wait 3-4 weeks in real time before your character can give birth. How many pups you have varies on your dice roll. You may have 4 healthy pups or none at all. If you do have pups and wish to try again, you must first wait until the upcoming spring. If you were unsuccessful the first time, you may try again in 2-3 weeks normal time.

Pup Ageing and Role Playing

Pups will age a little differently so that members can enjoy their 'pup life' early. Below is how the pups will age. If you are role playing a pup, please look back to here and remember your pups birthday and how long it has been since so that you can track their age.

Birth - Age 0
7 Days - 1 Weeks
14 Days - 3 Weeks
21 Days - 4 Weeks

This is so in role play, members will be able to get into 'pup life' quickly. After '4 weeks' the ageing goes normally. Your pups birthday will remain the same, they will just 'mature' more quickly/ grow up faster.

Feel free to ask any questions!


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